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Have you ever this thought like I want to do art but have no idea where to start? Or you may have struggled to start creating a masterpiece from your imagination into reality and needed someone to give you friendly advice?  

mono studio offers art sessions with a cozy and inspirational atmosphere for ALL of those avid art-lovers.
These are not formal classes but open-space gatherings where folks with no or little experience can try out their hands in creating something cool! 

Various art mediums are offered at the session, including acrylic on canvas, ceramics, sketching with markers, watercolours, and much more!

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about me

My name is Anastasiia Bukina - you will get to know me as .AB very soon.
I am from Ukraine but by nationality I consider myself half ukrainian and half korean.
I have over 10 years of experience in art industry. At 17 y.o. I finished professional art academy in Kiev and moved to Canada. After

Now, I am Toronto-based artist and designer. Having a passion for design and art.

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